GLS Start Up Legal Health Audit™

Establish the priority legal needs of your Startup

The Problem

You need to understand what the essential legal support requirements are for your Startup. 

Related challenges:

  • you don't know what you don't know - law is not your thing
  • failing to address certain legal issues up front can create compounding problems
  • not all legal issues are “urgent” but do you know what isn't urgent?
  • you need to work out what a sensible legal budget looks like and secure funding
  • you don't have budget for every legal issues so you need to assess priority areas
  • failing to address key legal issues upfront could result is significant biz value diminution

Wouldn't it be great if you could access an online tool that could help you define the areas where you will need legal support and prioritize the same?

The GLS Solution

GLS Start Up Legal Health Audit™ does exactly what its name suggests - it helps you establish the legal support requirements of your Startup and determine whether they are being addressed and their priority.

Having worked with thousands of Startups - the vast majority of legal support needs for a Startup are not only predictable but they represent common legal requirements to all startups.

This means that you can efficiently establish the “expected” legal support requirements of your Startup, leaving you time and budget to focus on anything that might represent a unique requirement. 

GLS offers a powerful online audit tool that helps you understand the areas where your Startup is likely to require legal support and guidance around what areas should be prioritized.

With this solution you access the support you need to:

  • determine your legal support requirements
  • formulate a basic legal support strategy
  • gain an understanding of likely legal budget requirements
  • understand the importance of areas that you might choose to support at a later date
  • gain access to a legal support solution that can help address your legal needs

Your Startup is valuable - make sure you protect it by getting across the legal support requirements of your Startup from Day 1.

Problem Solved. 

Solution SLA Options and US$ Pricing

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GLS Start Up Legal Health Audit
Price (excl. VAT)US$1,999

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