GLS Startup Legal Support™ - Bronze | Watchful Eye

Put your Startup under the watchful eye of a legal director

Put your Startup under the watchful eye of a legal director

The Problem

Most Startups are simply unable to afford the legal support they need.

Related challenges include: 

  • denied access to “business enabling” advice
  • they face unnecessary and avoidable risk
  • enhanced susceptibility to exploitation by dominant parties
  • increased incidences of “founder risk” 
  • reduced ability to protect key business assets
  • pivot option analysis lacks frequently vital legal inputs
  • increased failure to set up desired exist scenarios
  • large unbudgeted legal fees when they hit problems
  • a reactive approach to legal, regulatory and compliance risks
  • inefficiencies from working with poor legal documentation

Wouldn't it be great if your Startup could pay one low monthly fee to get the support it needed well ahead of time?

The GLS Solution

A GLS Startup Legal Support™ plan is a subscription plan that helps your Startup meet many of the common legal challenges faced by most Startups on terms you can afford.  

You get instant access to great people, excellent legal documentation, a preventative legal health resource … for an almost negligible cost. 

Our Bronze (A Watchful Eye) plans delivers quarterly legal director consults together with a small but automated legal template library and a range of substantial discount scenarios for areas of anticipated need.  

This plan is perfect if you:

  • are about to incorporate/have just incorporated a business;
  • you want to “get going” and need access to the most common legal documents;
  • you intend to seriously bootstrap your operations,

but want to do so under the watchful eye of an experienced lawyer.

The full list of plan inclusions are set out in the Start Up Plan Sales Prospectus. 

Available “modules” for you to swan in/out of your plan accessible by clicking the “Optional Modules Menu”.

Problem Solved.

Solution Deliverables

GLS Startup Legal Support Plans™Key Features
Leadership:a legal director to help you formulate your legal priorities and associated strategies – and using our GLS Startup legal agenda planning manuals. 
Legal Library a tier specific library of outstanding harmonised legal templates that give your business a contracting edge. See included templates below. 
Low Cost & Huge Valueeach Plan costs a small fraction of what a law firm would charge and much less than what it would cost you to implement them yourself – hands down
Legal Dept. Resources:a rich range of additional legal dept resources including manuals and checklist
24/7/365 Helping:an always on helpline that gives you access to your support capacity whenever needed
Contracting Firepower:Not only access to legal templates, lawyers to assist negotiations, but AI based contract review technology
Leading Legal Tech:An online resource platform which includes access to legal documentation and AI based contract reviews
Legal Dept. CapacityTier specific capacity to access the legal specialist you need when you need them 
User Friendly:our Plans are feature rich but remain extremely user friendly.
Exceptionally Cost Effective:our Plans represent an exceptionally cost-effective solution sourcing plus give you extensive discounted access to a wide range of additional support scenarios
Configurable:our Plans include “configurable” modules to tailor to your preferences. See “Solutions Module” for your plan specific available inclusions
Plug n Play:our Plans are easy to understand, procure and implement – simply plug n play.
Budget Certainty:not just extremely cost effective – but certain with clear fixed monthly fixed pricing  - no more legal bill surprises  
Annually Renewableour plans are renewable to help support your ongoing and evolving transformation needs

Legal Docs in Your Library

Bronze Silver Gold
Accordo di Riservatezza
Board Resolution – Adopt Audited Accounts
Board Resolution – Amend Constitution
Board Resolution – Appoint Auditor
Board Resolution – Change of Company Name
Board Resolution – Declaration of Dividends
Board Resolution – Director Appointment
Board Resolution – Director Resignation
Board Resolution – Entering into a Loan Agreement
Board Resolution – Entering into an Agreement
Board Resolution – Grant Power of Attorney
Board Resolution – Issue & Allot Shares
Board Resolution – Open Bank Account
Board Resolution – Share Transfer
Employment Agreement (General Staff)
Founders Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Non-Disclosure Agreement (English)
Non-Disclosure Agreement (Russian)
Perjanjian Kerahasiaan GLS™
Privacy Policy (Website/App)
Purchase Order
Shareholder Resolution – Adopt Audited Accounts
Shareholder Resolution – Amend Constitution
Shareholder Resolution – Appoint Auditor
Shareholder Resolution – Change of Company Name
Shareholder Resolution – Declaration of Dividends
Shareholder Resolution – Director Appointment  
Shareholder Resolution – Director Resignation
Shareholder Resolution – Entering into a Loan Agreement
Shareholder Resolution – Entering into an Agreement
Shareholder Resolution – Grant Power of Attorney
Shareholder Resolution – Issue & Allot Shares
Shareholder Resolution – Open a Bank Account
Shareholder Resolution – Share Transfer
Terms & Conditions (Website/App)
Commissioners’ Approval of a Transaction (Bahasa)
Convertible Loan Note
Cookie Policy
Directors Duties Training Manual
Employee Share Option Plan
Employee Warning Letter
Employment Agreement (Key Staff / Executives)
IP Licensing Agreement
Influencer Services Agreement
Intragroup IP Assignment
Letter of Demand
Services Agreement
Settlement Agreement
Shareholders Agreement
Supply of Goods Agreement
Branding Guidelines
Business Ethics Policy
Consultancy Services Agreement
Data Processing Agreement (Short)
Data Protection Policy
Diversity Policy
Employee Handbook
Employment Termination Letter
Environmental Policy (Basic)
External Legal Counsel Policy
Framework Services Agreement
Health & Safety Policy
Human Rights Policy
IP Assignment Agreement
Intragroup IP Licence
Joint Venture Agreement
Labour Rights Policy
Managed Services Agreement
Outsourcing Agreement
SaaS Agreement
Share Subscription Agreement (basic)
Shareholder Loan Agreement
Software Maintenance Agreement
Term Sheet (Commercial)
Term Sheet (Investment)

Solution SLA Options and US$ Pricing

Column oneColumn twoColumn threeColumn fourColumn five
US$ Monthly Pricing US$ Annual Price
Bronze (A Watchful Eye)$299 $3588
(excl. VAT)
*billed annually or an additional 15% off 2 year subscription

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