Checklist - Shareholder Loans

Key issues for you to watch out for

The Problem

Many Startups make the same mistakes when dealing with Shareholder Loans - you want to avoid those mistakes.

Related challenges include: 

  • you can't afford to take legal advice on every issue you encounter
  • you are moving fast but you still need to move carefully
  • some Startup issues just should not be ignored
  • you know most mistakes are avoidable if you can address them ahead of time
  • failing to consider an issue “early on” can hurt even more later on
  • most Startup issues are “known” as are their “solutions” - but you don't have access to either
  • you are in full on “boot strap” mode or just prefer not to spend on legal support

Wouldn't it be great if you had an easy to use checklist to guide you through the key legal issues relevant to this project? 

The GLS Solution

This GLS Checklist™ flags up key issues on a wide range of legal issues known to be particularly “tricky” and/or “problematic” for startups. 

This checklist is for the key issues to consider in relation to a “shareholder loans”.

A fast moving startup might not have the inclination or budget to get detailed legal review/support on every issue it encounters - and this is likely okay most of the time. 

However, the “ignore" strategy is not okay when it comes to issues that have a reputation for “tripping up” good startups.

This GLS Checklist™ will educate you and enable you to address known “problematic areas” for startups - so that you are forewarned and forearmed!

This GLS Checklist™ will:

  • help you identify the key areas of consideration
  • help inform/structure your decision making approach
  • flag up known problematic areas for you to resolve
  • help you to decide if you need more detailed support
  • educate you about the scope of issues relevant to each area

There are plenty of checklists found on the Web but few are regularly maintained by a legal services group dedicated to empowering you to achieve more for yourself.

So, avoid unnecessary trouble - access a GLS checklist ahead of time. 

Problem solved.


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